Day 2 – Something I love about myself.

Posted on August 3, 2010


I’m an opportunist. When given the right moment.. the right situation of course. And when eventually a rare opportunity presents itself to me, I know how to grab it. And I love how every chance I got is turned into a satisfaction that lasts for days. I guess it’s just pure luck. Perhaps?

I’m also optimistic. Even through very hard times, I’m still able to stand up and smile. =) *selalu berfikiran positif

So what’s luck got to do with it?

Cabutan bertuah? Don’t do well with ’em. But I did manage to get a 320GB external hard disk during one lucky draw. Boy, was I surprised!

Contests conducted by Nuffnang and other organizers. I’m a sucker on those too. But I did won third place on a Nuffnang contest featuring the movie 2012. Hehehe.

Love life? I’m actually a girl who gets pleased easily. I’m not materialistic and I’m not into branded products. The only thing that might bother me is the skin products as I have very sensitive skin. My skin gets red really fast once under the blazing sun. And regarding my love interest, it’s hard for me to find fault in some one that I’ve chosen to be my potential life partner. If there’s any, I’m a fast forgiver. Once of course my heart has been won and sometimes that needs patience. I’m a hard person to win and woo. I’ll reject or test him first before accepting him. =p

Career? I’ve heard from my friends of their experiences through hardships before landing on a stable job with some BIG company. They worked in factories as operators, or maybe as toll girls, or work in fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s or Pizza Hut to say the least. I never had to go through that kind of hardship. My career path was just straight up. School — college — university — training under PSMB — job with international company — finally a government job, and here I’m stuck till I retire. Sigh. Syukurrrrrrr……

Family? I’m not from a well-off family. They had their own hardships. My mom a farmer and my father works a low-paid salary job at some private company. He has long quited his job due to health problems. heee. Now, I’m focusing on my siblings to pave their own career path into success. =)

So this is me. All I’ve experienced in my life are lessons for me so that I can get through the rest of my remaining years on earth wisely and positively. Life was never meant to be a bed of roses. Either you fall, fall again and then rise.. and fall again just to rise. Hehehe..

Love myself and will get ready for many obstacles to come. If there’s no UPS and DOWNS in life.. I won’t call it as being ALIVE. Got my meaning?

credit to Google. 
Ok done..  more of me on the third day tomorrow. =p
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