Day 05 – Something I hope to do in my life.

Posted on August 8, 2010


Something to hope for in the near future before I turn 30 perhaps?

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I want to be a wife to a good man. Until the end of time.

I want to be able to care for him and be his supporter whenever he falls both financially and emotionally. I know that many of my female friends have opted to keep their careers on hold to care for their children. And some of them even quit their jobs.


It may be true that some guys would prefer to have their wives to stay at home and be a good wife. But who says working will make them bad wives?

I’ll work till I retire but my future husband’s (and children?) needs will always be my top priority. Because someway down the road, the husband might not be able to feed us. Maybe because he lost his job? Or maybe due to illness such as handicapped? We live in an unpredictable world. Better be prepared than be sorry.

A wife should be prepared to be there for him when this happens. Not run away and find another guy.

*pic credit to google. wonder what’s their secret for a long lasting marriage?

I’ll promise this to my future husband that I’ll stay loyal until death do us part.

A marriage should not only be based on LOVE itself, but also based on respect, trust, integrity and honor. I know that some guys will normally go astray and yearn for other women when their own wives lose their figure or are not satisfying his wants both physically and emotionally. This is an act of SELFISHNESS and lust. But if he’s a man of principle. This will not happen.

If love is lost between two married people. Never fret. It can be rekindled just as long both work for it. Put your selfishness away. =)

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So there, I hope in life to get happily married until I die and have children that do deeds for the society.