Day 08 – Someone who made my life hell, or treated me like shit.

Posted on August 15, 2010


hurmmmmmmm……….. my life is fine. Never really met anyone who made my life a living hell. He he.

But there is this one particular person who treated me like SHIT.

I was fresh out of the university with a degree in engineering and wasn’t really in any rush to find a job. I thought I’d relax a little at home and help mom with the house chores. I haven’t graduated yet. Just the classes and exams were over and I was waiting for my graduation day.

My dad, who was at that time working for SESB thought he’d give me a head start in my career by bringing me and a profiled resume to his office. He wanted to introduce me to his boss. I was very hesitant about this. I wanted to find a job on my own effort. It’s not like my grades were bad or something.

Arghh.. This is gonna be embarrassing. hu hu.

And oh… my dad was very good in being persistent. But since I loved him, I went with the flow.

I was ushered into a big office room and behind the big wide table was a man still prime in his years. Maybe 30++. A little below 40? I forgot his name but he had this arrogant aura around him that made me queasy.

pic credit to google.

I hated that feeling.

He looked at me. My father left us alone as it was during office hours and he had work to do.

I cleared up my throat to speak but he spoke before I could introduce my name.

“Ahh… a freshy?” I only nodded.

You know what. I have a son myself whose is a freshy. Fresh from a university at United Kingdom” I began to feel uneasy.

He landed himself a fine job with &*%*%&%. Made thousands a month. The only key is, don’t be picky on the job” I nodded again and began to feel a blush on my cheeks.

“I, myself from Semenanjung was sent here to work and I never complained” he went on lecturing me. I had my ears on fire.

“You know what, a job don’t simply present itself to you. You must work for it. And no, there’s no opening in this company for the likes of you”

And with that….. I stood up. Nodded and mumbled a polite ‘thank you’ and helped myself out the door. Inside, I was infuriated. He didn’t even read my resume, let alone be polite about my father’s intentions on bringing me there in the first place.

GOSH!!! You think I was desperate enough to ask for a job in that company? huh! He made feel like I was a lowly form of person who had to beg on my knees for a decent job. What the hoot!

Arrogant fool.

At least I had something to prove. So some time after that, I won a free no return ticket to Kuala Lumpur by PSMB and it all happened before my graduation day. Had a few jobs before the current job and the rest is history.

Ohh.. I’d just like to see that man’s face again and say to him……. oh my.. what should I say? =p

Ok done for day 08……….. next day pls!